Elder Benson - South Africa Jo-Berg Mission

Elder Benson - South Africa Jo-Berg Mission

Monday, May 30, 2016

The Divine Dove

I've come to have a more firm testimony in the power of the Spirit.  It all began when we visited a less-active recent convert last Saturday named Simon.  He lives next door to two taverns, which are usually crazy on a weekend.  We drove past his house, and we were well on our way out of there.  But that calm prompting came: go see Simon.  I was super confused, especially since we would have to visit him at the height of the night.  Again it came: go see Simon.  After a pretty heated internal debate between logic and the Spirit, I gave in.  We parked the car in the safest place we could find, said a prayer to protect us and the vehicle, and we sprinted to his house.

What happened next was amazing: we knocked, Simon let us in, and we had an amazing lesson with him.  He expressed much gratitude for our visit, and that he had prayed earlier in the week for us to come see him.  Afterwards we quickly left the scene, and no sooner had we started driving away did we see a fight ensue.  Some may attribute this to luck or to coincidence, but I've come to learn on my mission that there really are no such things.

We continued throughout the rest of our week.  We had many more visits of the Spirit in the form of a small and simple prompting, all of which lead us to being able to testify, in power of that same Spirit, the truthfulness of gospel principles and of the restoration of Christ's gospel.

If we'd all trust in those prompting of the Spirit, which is a small but powerful voice, this world would be so much more peaceful and happy.  It really starts with us, and I think that we'd be smart to listen.

Here's a poem my brother wrote about this Divine Dove in our lives:

The Divine Dove

A voice soft and delicate,
Heard clearly though inaudible.
Where nothing will replicate,
Which the world finds insensible.

The message is distinguished,
Be sure to give ear.
Wherein is the pain relinquished
a message soft and clear.

The voice is not its own,
But that of the master.
Such understanding has grown
When heed is given faster.

Behold the Holy Spirit,
Feel his presence grow.
Notice your soul be lit
As you see the revelation flow.

Your soul He will sanctify,
Of a once considered loss.
As to gold does fire purify
He removes all the dross.

No man is out of His reach
We only need to change.
Let him our hearts breach
And with our life, rearrange.

Of His power and majesty
No words can describe.
Nor the happiness so readily
To all does He provide.

To this member of the godhead 
This tribute has been borne
From one whom He readily lead
To show a Savior is borne.

I give thanks to him
For all that he has done
To fill a heart once dim
The light of God's Son.

I love you all!  I love receiving emails from you all, and I look forward to seeing you in 16 months!!

-Elder B

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