Elder Benson - South Africa Jo-Berg Mission

Elder Benson - South Africa Jo-Berg Mission

Monday, April 25, 2016

How to Become Powerful

For starters, the whole district has been white-washed except me.  Yep, I'm the only one staying here in Rabie Ridge.  The new district is awesome! Elder Jorgensen, the missionary I trained (aka my 'son') has rejoined me here, an Elder Samuel, and my companion Elder Musiiwa.  We're all under a year, and half of the district is under 6 months.  We've nicknamed the District 'Greenie Fire'.  We're all dedicated to being better missionaries and transforming this ward into the gold mine its destined to be.

We had the privilege of having President Dunn attend our District Meeting last week at the temple. The topic I had prepared was about what it means to be a powerful missionary.  I came to find a few things about it:

In order to become powerful, one must become dedicated.  One makes that commitment as you send in your mission papers.  You dedicate and devote all of your time and energy into the work of salvation for the next two years.  This can take the appearance of hard work, a good attitude, and exact obedience.

After one has developed the attributes of a dedicated missionary, they may then be able to become powerful.  It's not the missionary that brings the power, but the Holy Spirit.  A missionary may become powerful through the Holy Spirit through listening to the quiet voice of the Spirit.  This may take place with opening one's mouth and it being filled, being directed to where to go, giving priesthood ordinances throught the proper priesthood authority, and developing the faith to unlock the powers of heaven.

Our plan is to have a district fast, starting on Thursday which leads into doing what we've called the All-Out Blitz on Friday where we set up a banner at the busiest corner in the other guys area and do some major contacting.  Our primary purpose is to jump start Jorgensen and Samuel's area (since they're both new), but also to become more consecrated missionaries.

We just played the funnest game during FHE called Blabber Mouth.  It's a perfect game for a large group and it's super easy and fun.  Here's how it goes:

Everyone gets a slip of paper.  When you get a slip, write down any question.  The question can be humorous, religious, economical, comical, or random!  The choice is yours.  When all are finished writing their questions, gather together all of the slips and distribute them at random, being careful not to give them back to their owners.

One all of the slips are distributed, you write the answer to the question on the slip.  The answer can be ture, false, funny, or random.  Once all have written their answers gather the slips together and redistribute them once more.

Once everyone has a slip, one person starts by stating the question on their slip.  (Now here's where the fun begins.)  But instead of that person saying the answer, the next person in line states the answer on their slip to answer the question.  Once the laughing/confusion subsides, the person who just answered then states their question.  And again, the next person in line states their answer on their slip.  The round continues until people are on the ground, laughing their hearts out, and the one who first started the game says their answer.

The answers rarely match up with the question, so it becomes super exciting/entertaining to hear what the answer will be.  It can bring about some really weird answers, like the ones we had last night:

"Why do you love me?" -Because we are the wickedest of sinners and deserve to be punished.

"Do your ears and nose grow?" -Nothing happens

"Why do we have Family Home Evening?" -Because we have McD's and obesity.

"What's the name of your school?" -Steak and Lasagna

Since we're missionaries, you can get asked a lot of doctrinal questions.  But in this game, it comes up with A LOT of false doctrine:

"What is the baptism of fire?"  -It is God punishing us.

"Why is Zozo being baptized tomorrow?" -To go to America and eat pizza.

"Why are most things in the world circles?" -Because we aren't spiritually centered.

"What would happen if Elder B got dreadlocks?" -The Second Coming of Christ

"What year was Jesus born in?" -1956

Hence, Jesus was born in 1956.

Baptism of Zozo.

Goodbye, Rabie Ridge.

Goodbye, Rabie Ridge Disrict

Monday, April 18, 2016

Email from Sister Londey

Hey its Sister Londey from RabiE Ridge.  I was extremely impressed with your son's cooking tonight, which recipe I heard was from Italy! More than me was my daughter Carabo!!

Rabie Ridge Curveball

The Rabie Ridge District has been hit by another 90 degree curveball: everyone except me has been transferred!  I don't know what to think of the whole district being white-washed except that the Lord must have big plans for this area.

It's hard to see a brother go off to another area, especially when it's only been 6 weeks together.  Elder Carr has helped me in so many ways, and I can only express my gratitude to the Lord for having him as my companion, brother, and friend this transfer.

We have two people on date for next week!  Here's a little about them both:

Zozo is one of my favorite Xhosa's that I know!  She's 19 years old and come from a large family of 9 that lives in a little shack no bigger than 20 ft. by 20 ft.  She barely speaks any english, but what she says is either super funny or incredibly spiritual.

David is a flippin' totsi, but the best kind of totsi.  He's 19 and lives with his friend in Ivory Park, a township we serve in.  He loves basketball, and he's (almost) as good as I am!  I'm kidding though, he's black so that automatically makes him better than me in basketball.  His desire to change his life is a huge example to me.  He's completely stopped drinking and smoking, and he's committed to living the Law of Chastity.

Both of these people are a huge example to me and everything that they do lifts me up and inspires me to be a more consecrated missionary.

-Elder Benson

Tuesday, April 12, 2016


Faith has been motivating me this week.  To be honest, we had an amazing week in the Centurion Stake.  It was the youth mission experience, where priests and laurels come out with the missionaries.  It was an amazing experience, motivated by faith.  The four in my group handed out over 115 pass along cards, 16 BoM's, and taught 1 lesson from tracting in 4 hours!

The highlight of it all was when we were tracting and a taxi full of drunk Africans came and greeted us Malungus (white people).  While the rest of the group were talking witht he drunks, I had the opportunity to talk to the taxi driver.  I showed him a copy of the BoM and his countenance instantly lit up.  He immediately took interest and I gave him our contact details and he promised to read it.  

The whole experience uplifted me and gave me greater faith in the power of the BoM and its ability to change lives.

Elder Zachary

Monday, April 4, 2016

Rabie Ridge II

The area is awesome!  Rabie Ridge is a townships just about a 40 minute drive away from Joburg.  We live in a town called Midrand.  The hardest part about the whole experience is the fact that there's only two weeks left in the transfer!  I've fallen in love with the people here, and I hope I stay for another transfer or two.

Eat up: moppani worms... I could only handle ten. And i still had cramps all night.  Greatest dish ever.

The District is as follows:

Elder Laminie - He's from Port Elizabeth, SA.  He's a coloured, so he's crazy.  His teaching skills are amazing, the laughs we have are uncapped, and the thirst is real for this guy.

Elder A'home'e - He's a pure bred Tongan. His laugh is absolutely, ridiculously addictive, the ladies can't get enough of him (which isn't a good thing), and his Spirit is powerful.

Elder Carr - [I said more about him with the pic last week]

Pretty awesome guys here.

To come next week, highlights of the area and other good stuff.

-Elder Benson

Sassy selfie with Zizo, yours truly, and Lisa: