Elder Benson - South Africa Jo-Berg Mission

Elder Benson - South Africa Jo-Berg Mission

Saturday, June 3, 2017

Photos for the Week


There's barely been time this week for writing a weekly letter, so I'll include pictures from all the adventures we've had!

Meet the office staff! Comprising of the Wagner's, Hunt's, Leavitt's, Wells', and the AP's.  Elder Wagner is obviously in bliss mode.

The leadership council of the SAJM! Comprising of Zone Leaders from around the mission.  My firstborn Elder Jørgensen is currently a ZL in the Centurion Zone (seated directly behind me), and my two Xhosa comps just across. 'Sho sho Boi'!

Elder Ebite pulling a fantastic Zoolander against his 'father' Elder Zitumane.  E. Ebite is from the Philippines, and cooks some mean rice.

The most epic national anthem in the world with five languages (Xhosa, Zulu, Sothu, Afrikaans, English).   Try twisting you're tongue singing that!

Behind is Elder Flack (ZL Vaal), Elder Zitumane's firstborn, and Sister Wagner (Office Secretary).  There's dozens of proselyting materials offered in dozens of languages (including Russian - woot woot Elder Parker).

Two elders visiting the Mission Home for some classic Italian cooking (thanks Pops for schooling me in the art of pasta).

The kings of Rabie Ridge reunite!  My favorite Zimbabwean companion.  I miss serving with him in Tembisa township. #BK

All you future elders preparing to serve to Johannesburg: bring a flashlight, because you never know when power outages strike!

Zone Conference day one! The SAJM has one of the largest car fleets of the missions around the world, and these cars aren't even half of the active fleet!

I also volunteer as a Domino's Pizza Maker on P-Day! (I wish... they just let me help make our pizzas).  Thanks to my trainer Dorris for showing me the ropes of quality pizza production!

Zone Conference day two!  Like you can see in the pic, there's a rainbow of diversity and energy in the SAJM that is hard to beat.  Plus we have the best Pre-Conference snacks South of the Equator thanks to Sister Leavitt!

Accompanying President Leavitt to a second baptismal interview at the Johannesburg central chapel, nearby to the Vodacom and Telkom towers (seen just above the roofline).  Never mind that I had to climb up a pole onto a roof to get the picture, it was worth it!