Elder Benson - South Africa Jo-Berg Mission

Elder Benson - South Africa Jo-Berg Mission

Monday, November 16, 2015

One Month In

I can't believe it's already been a full month since I've left Utah!!  It already feels like an eternity.

It's weird have 100+ degree weather in November.  I heard that it's snowing in Utah! I wish it would snow here.  I've completely forgotten what it was like being cold.

I had the honour of confirming Carlissia this week! Man, she is already a powerful member of the church.  In the college campus she is staying on, she has already referred us to at least four students who are all progressing!  Every time I see her, she says how she is going to serve her mission in Utah.  I finally remembered my camera so I'll send pictures of her baptism and everything!

My legs have been healing nicely!  None of the dogs that attacked me have died yet, so I don't need to worry about contracting rabies.  The bites are still bruised and a little sore.  I became a legend at the Mission Summit for fighting off three dogs in my first month.  I was told I can take off my skirt because now I'm a true missionary!

Also had a remarkable experience this week.  After waking up one morning, Elder Asay and I saw that we missed call from a good friend of ours: Tinashe.  He's attending North-Western, the university in Potch, and often comes on splits with us.  I called him back and he told us he was in the hospital.  We dashed to the Potch Hospital with Brother David from the branch presidency.  Tinashe told us that he was attacked by an evil spirit.  To everyone at home, don't mistake this for some emotional problem.  Tinashe is the most spirital, humble, emotionally stable man.  While walking to his dorm, he had a terrible feeling overcome him.  Suicidal thoughts came into his mind, as well as other dark thoughts.  He couldn't walk, and he couldn't speak.  He finally mustered the strength to pray, and it went away.  He was too weak to do anything so he called us.  But because we were asleep, he called the hospital.

After telling us this through the bars to his cell (he was in the Psychiatric ward), the guard let us in and we gave him a blessing and gave him protection against the evil spirits.  The spirit was indeed felt there.  Since then, he's been permitted out of the hospital and he's come on splits with us.

This freaked me out a little because it's made me realize that there are indeed spirits out there, attacking us and trying to take us down.  But I feel all the more secure; for as there are demons, there are angels that protect us.  I know the elders in the field, as long as they are righteous, are protected from the fiery darts of the adversary.

So yeah.  I've experienced public breast feeding, dog attacks, helping cast out devils, baptisms, and ssooo many secret hand shakes that I'm struggling to remember.  This is such an amazing experience for me.  I've learned that trials are placed in our way so that we can overcome them, not to be overcome by them.  The mission is already changing me in so many ways, mostly spiritually but also physically (I'm getting a little soft from all of the pahp and sweets)!!

I'd love to hear advice from any past missionaries! Anything to help with my study, contacting, attitude, anything!!

Until next week!! Sharp sharp.

-Elder Benson

P.S.  Sharp sharp is pronounced 'shaup shaup'.  It's kind of a greeting/farewell/surprise word here.

 Sick pic

The kids



Joburg temple . . . the best!

Sunset . . . sharp, sharp

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