Elder Benson - South Africa Jo-Berg Mission

Elder Benson - South Africa Jo-Berg Mission

Monday, January 4, 2016

How to Do Holidays in Africa

First: get together with your zone and have a giant waterfight.

Two: get together with your branch and have a barbecue. 

Three: Don't get sick with the flu.

There hasn't been much this week to write about.  I got sick with the flu so I've been chilling inside the flat studying the scriptures and watching church movies.

There's two kinds of churches in Africa.  One, like in Potch,
held in school houses surrounded by barbed wire....
.... Two, held in beautiful chapels,
again surrounded by fencing and barbed wire.
No matter where you go, the Spirit of the Lord can always be with you.  You can stand in holy places wherever you go.  I've made it a resolution to always have a prayer in my heart and to stand in holy places at all times.  I hope that we can all stick to our resolutions, and that not too many people paid for a gym membership they won't use.

-Elder Benson

It's true.

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