Elder Benson - South Africa Jo-Berg Mission

Elder Benson - South Africa Jo-Berg Mission

Monday, December 7, 2015

The 90 Degree Curve Ball

During the middle of District Meeting on Friday morning, I received a call from President Dunn.  I went out into the hallway and, after talking for a few minutes, he said:

"Well, Elder Benson, this is extremely unorthodox, especially at 6 weeks, but we'd like to call you to be a trainer this next transfer!"

So yeah, I'm going to be training this transfer!! It's like entering the mission field for the first time; you feel overjoyed, confused, happy, prepared, unprepared, everything!!  Keep me in your prayers please!

It's bitter sweet as well, since my trainer Elder Asay is leaving to be a Zone Leader.  We were already making plans for Christmas and New Years!! This was like a wicked 90 degree curve ball!

This is a weird time in Potchefstroom.  If you haven't read from earlier, Potch is a college town like Provo.  Like any college town, everyone goes home for the holidays, leaving it a ghost town.  That cuts the list of our progressing investigators in half!!  But like any trial, we climb over it and keep going.

This week we also had the privilege of having Elder Hamilton of the 70 address the mission.  He said so many amazing things, but the thing he said that really touched me was this: "Many say that this work depends on us.  But He has repeatedly told us 'I can do mine own work.'  He just lets us participate."  It made me really appreciate how amazing this work truly is, and that we are all part of it.  If you don't wear a name badge on your chest, you wear one in your heart.  Don't be afraid to be a missionary to everyone around, in word and deed! You'll be amazed at the blessings that will come with your diligent service to God.

The Christmas season is the perfect time to start!  In the spirit of Christmas, serve your fellow men!! We commemorate the birth of the One who loved us enough to pay the price for our imperfections and to die for us, the most selfless act in all of eternity.  The least we could do is join in on the spirit of Christmas and fill the world with charity and cheer.

I love you all!! Enjoy the holidays, the sweets, and the cheer.

-Elder Benson
Welcoming the new senior couple from Arizona (the Charchenkos) to
Potchefstroom.  (Sister Dunn, Brother and Sister Charchenko, President Dunn,
Elder Asay and Elder Benson)

"The Charchenko's are fortunate to have these two great missionaries waiting to
greet them and now serve together.  Elder Asay is training Elder Benson and they
are a powerful companionship." (dunnsinjoburg.blogspot.com)

"A new convert, Carlissa, was ready for us to come to her dorm where she is
studying engineering.  She is such an inspiring young woman. She was
recently baptized and has now become a powerful missionary herself. 
She plans to take a gap year with her education and serve a mission herself."

I love my family!
(Note from Mom: There's a store here (Woolsworths) that delivers from online
orders.  I can place an order and have it in Elder Benson's hands the next day. 
Happy mom!)

Clock Tower 

Dutch Church

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