Elder Benson - South Africa Jo-Berg Mission

Elder Benson - South Africa Jo-Berg Mission

Thursday, October 22, 2015


Week number two in the MTC and I'm still here!! What an amazing experience it's been!  So many things I wish I could talk about in so little time! I'll try to include everything I can.

First: I have the most amazing companion!! Elder Mohatli who lives in Pretoria, SA is a spiritual giant! He speaks three languages so he's helping me with Zulu in the moment.  We are teaching our investigators tomorrow so send us your prayers!!

We aren't allowed to send pictures in the MTC because the server is so slow but I'll send you them next week. So many thing I want to show you guys!

President Collins and his wife are amazing!! You couldn't find a more loving pair! They were mission presidents in Russia before this so they're seasoned veterans in the field !!  I also got to meet Sister Dunn yesterday! She's the sweetest lady! I haven't met President Dunn yet but that'll come next week.

I was made district leader! It's been such a humbling experience. The elders in my district are the funniest guys I have ever met! They may have a hard time focusing more than often, but when they buckle down they are unstoppable. There's Elder Reynolds from England; me, Elder Griffen, and Elder Nielsen from the States; Elder Mohatli, Elder Saiah, and Elder Ntsekwa from SA; and Elder Tikologo from Botswana. Good luck trying to say those names!!

Our teachers are Brother Sibeka in the morning.  What a stud!! He is such an inspiring teacher to me.  He has a way of having fun while also being able to bring the Spirit.  Then there's Sister Ramekguoe (ram-uh-gh-way).  She pushes you and makes you feel like a loser, but in the best way!! She's preparing us so well for the field.

The MTC grounds are so awesome!! The MTC, plus a huge soccer field, basketball court, bigger grass field, volleyball pit, and gardens galore! Pictures to come next week.  Plus, indoor ping pong, foosball, and gym.  When we're not learning, we're playing!!

The food is different! I've only had the cafeteria food which is basically American food with African twist.  It's delicious, but its taste is different.  That's the only way I can describe it! Finally had pahp!!!  If you don't know what it is: corn meal with some weird things done to it to resemble super sticky mashed potatoes. It's delicious!

Wow I finally realize why missionary emails are so long!!! Haha it's so hard to put to words the amazing experience this has been.

One of the highlights has been going to the temple.  We were blessed with the privilege of having a fireside with Elder Ellis of the area presidency and his wife.  The thoughts they shared were amazing.  The temple... oh my goodness.  I highly recommend everyone to visit the temple! The grounds are comparable to that of Salt Lake!! Smaller, but just as beautiful.  What we did inside the temple was more beautiful.  No matter if I'm in Bountiful, USA or Johannesburg, SA, I feel at home in the temple.  I'm so happy to have the privelage of having the temple in my mission.

I think it's worth mentioning that all of the Africans are amazing at soccer... and that I've scored two goals.  This American has got some sick handles.

Again, pictures next week.  Love you all so much!!

-Elder Benson

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