Elder Benson - South Africa Jo-Berg Mission

Elder Benson - South Africa Jo-Berg Mission

Monday, May 15, 2017

Transferred to Florida!!


To start off: I've been transferred to Florida!! But luckily I'm still in South Africa! For those of you who were thinking Florida USA, sorry neh?  Florida is a lovely ward here in the  Gauteng province.  I'm looking forward with a lot of excitement towards serving the Lord in this little corner of heaven.

We're so lucky to live in our area.  Here in South Africa, it's quite common to live a good solid twenty minutes away from your area, occasionally making it a challenge to begin the morning with a bang.  What's more is that the Mission Office is in the middle of Florida, making the transition from work in the office to proselyting in the area so much easier.  We've been in a tri-companionship (aka tripanionship) in the past week with an awesome elder we sent home today.  For various reasons we weren't allowed to do any proselyting in this past week.  We are nonetheless looking forward to hitting the ground running this week in our area.

I love my darling Mother!  I can't lie when I think she's the prettiest, most loving woman I know to be on planet earth.  I'm sure everyone thinks the same of their mother, but I'm biased in saying that mine is #1! Ngiyakuthanda Mama!!

Well, there's nothing to include in this week's email that would be of interest. So I'll just attach a lot of really fun pictures for everyone to see. I claim all epic photo creds. The first bunch include our adventure in Johannesburg City with our beloved Elder Ete, who flies home to Samoa as we speak.  We went to Olive and Plates, one of the best restaurants in Joburg. We got pretty drenched by the rain as we ran inside, so Elder Z needed to dry of in the bathroom.

Otherwise these pictures show a little of the life as an Assistant.  Included are Oko and Lisa, our beloved cars. Also in the mix shows the Bunker, where we store most everything in the mission (reminds me of the tunnels underneath WXHS).  My favorite photos are with President Leavitt, my amazing Mission President. There was a companionship who forgot to report that they were home, so President and I paid them a visit.  The gate was locked, but that didn't keep President from his beloved missionaries (not the best angle of President, but captures the moment beautifully).

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